06 April 2020 ( 4258 views )

BIGBANG Reportedly to Release a New Album This Year

K-pop boy group BIGBANG is reportedly working on a new album to release this year.

Recently, BIGBANG's comeback performance at 'Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival' (Coachella) in April has been postponed to October amid coronavirus fears.

As BIGBANG has been on hiatus since 2017, a lot of fans across the globe have been excited after hearing the group's join at 'Coachella'.

Following the postponement, Billboard shared an article on what the delay of 'Coachella' means for BIGBANG.

According to Billboard, close sources to YG Entertainment revealed that the four members of BIGBANG are currently working on a new album together.

BIGBANG is said to be planning to have the album released some time this year.

It is early to say whether BIGBANG will use 'Coachella' to premiere the group's new music.

But considering BIGBANG's labelmate girl group BLACKPINK released an album 'KILL THIS LOVE' just a week ahead of the group's performance at 'Coachella' last year and unveil it at the festival, Billboard states that BIGBANG may also take a page from BLACKPINK.

BIGBANG's management agency YG Entertainment, however, has not yet given their official response to this report.

(Credit= YG Entertainment)
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