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11 July 2020 ( 5389 views )

Han Seo Hee reportedly tests positive for illegal drugs while on probation for previous drug usage

According to media outlet reports on July 10, SNS personality Han Seo Hee has recently tested positive for illegal drugs.

Previously, Han Seo Hee was sentenced to a probation period of 4 years after being found guilty of illegal drug usage from back in 2017. As an individual on probation for drug usage, the Ministry of Justice requires that those on probation attend a mandatory drug test once a month for the duration of the probation period. Han Seo Hee is said to have received positive test results for illegal psychotropic substances back on July 8.

Han Seo Hee will likely face police charges for her second account of illegal drug usage soon, says media reports. Due to the fact that this marks her second offense during her probation period, Han Seo Hee's case will unavoidably face prosecution investigation, and in the worst case, face a prison sentence.

Meanwhile, Han Seo Hee was formerly a figure of attention after claiming on SNS that Bigbang member T.O.P offered her illegal drugs back in 2017. Afterward, she also alleged on SNS that YG Entertainment interfered with illegal drug investigations surrounding former iKON member B.I in early 2019.

Credits: Allkpop.

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