05 February 2020 ( 792 views )

Seungri officially receives notice for military enlistment

Seungri has officially received his notice for military enlistment.

The former BigBang member was expected to receive his enlistment notice soon, and on February 4, the Military Manpower Administration announced they'd officially sent a notice. The MMA stated, "We've sent Seungri a draft notice for the purpose of fair imposition of the duty of military service following the conclusion of his investigations. We've continuously stated we would order his enlistment in the procedure as usual when the investigations end. This is because there's concern that prolonged trials in civilian courts will lead to complications in imposing the duty of military service on him."

The announcement continued, "When Seungri enlists, jurisdiction over his trials will be transferred to the military courts as stated in related laws. We'll actively cooperate with the prosecution to ensure a consistent and fair judgement, and we'll make sure the trials consider rulings made by civilian courts regarding the related cases."

The MMA also stated Seungri's exact enlistment date and army unit will not be released for privacy reasons.

As previously reportedSeungri was indicted without jail time on the charges of mediating prostitution, habitual gambling, and violation of the Foreign Exchange Transactions Act.

Source: Allkpop

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